Medicare and Telemedicine

Elam International, together with the strategic partners provide a number of healthcare and medical services through developing automated systems, provision of Telemedicine equipment, Telemedicine Infrastructure design and implementation and customized web and mobile applications for clinics, hospitals, medical stores and doctors. Furthermore, we provide medical tourism services across the region by establishing partnerships with well-known hospitals and clinics of the region, offering facilities such as cost comparison of treatment, appointments, translation and interpretation in local languages and accommodation.

We provide custom telemedicine apps, software solutions and telemedicine software development services for healthcare providers. We ensure our solutions are interoperable, compliant, and programmed with data encryption for web and mobile systems.
Our services include:

Telemedicine Software and Solutions;

Video Conferencing Systems and Solutions;

Medical Devices Integration;

Laboratory Information Systems;

Pharmacy Management Systems;

Health Information Exchange Systems.

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