Elam International, one of the leading business groups of the region, incorporates multiple fields under one roof. Ei has developed a pro-active and professional range of businesses and entities that value our stakeholders, strategic partners, investors, and the Ei team as a whole. Our operations transcend across numerous business segments including Information and Communication Technology, General Contracting, Distribution, Electronics Maintenance Workshop, Medical Technology, Trading, Logistics, Manufacturing and Capacity Building.

Building strong partnerships underlies Ei's success. Ei's robust and empowered leadership and management team makes it distinct and affordably flexible when it comes to the requirements of businesses. Ei holds diversity, together with many expertise and skills, having a team technically qualified, endeavoring for excellence in what they do, by delivering the best standards.

Ei as a group, consisting of numerous companies worldwide, has delivered multiple projects in their respective domains of services. The government bodies, banking, national switch, health, education, International Organizations, private businesses and telecommunications are the major sectors we have served in IT and ICT. In infrastructure, we have worked for Afghanistan National Army, ISAF, GOA, USG, USACE, NATO, US Navy and RS in large scale projects. We provide online medical tourism, as well as Online Real Estate Services in Turkey, Brazil, Russia, India, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, Thailand and Philippines and Iran. Our pro-active approach and the understanding of technology make us uniquely positioned to offer smart services in AI and IoT, Telemedicine, Bio Technologies and maintenance of electronic equipment.

Ei has developed standard strategies and implementation criteria to deliver quality and excellence in all the projects. We maintain our standards, along with initiating new business opportunities for the investors who seek new paths for investing in the region.

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